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Lookup revolutionizes the way buyers acquire machines, making it an effortless process to source from sellers around the world in just a few clicks! With Lookup’s direct-to-seller platform, say goodbye to intermediary costs as you find amazing deals on anything your business needs. 

Who Can Buy?

Lookup invites shoppers from across the globe to join in on its marketplace, giving everyone with an age of 18+ a chance to explore and purchase anything their heart desires.


Lookup Machine

How to Register for Buying Opportunity

Sign up 

It’s easy and secure – simply provide a few details such as name, email address and password to create an account. Get started now for the opportunity of limitless discovery!

Register as a Buyer 

Start your online equipment shopping experience by creating an account and selecting yourself as a buyer – so you can find what you need in no time!


Depending on your profile, you may need to submit some extra paperwork as verification – think a proof of identity or address. It’s all in the name of keeping everyone secure!


After you’ve submitted all your paperwork, hang tight! The website will soon begin its verification process so it can get the final seal of approval on your registration.

Congratulations! Now you can join the thousands of other happy shoppers and start finding amazing deals on Lookup. Get ready to make some significant purchases!

Opening Hours
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